Blog image 1 cropI’m a professional people watcher. No, not really — I don’t think that’s a real job title. But what I mean to say is that people and their interactions intrigue me, and I want to tell their stories.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those journalists. I learned about the muckrakers and undercover reporters like Nelly Bly in elementary school, and I couldn’t help but dream of one day becoming someone who exposed wrong-doings and wrong-doers.

Change doesn’t happen if people don’t care, and people won’t care unless they see the human behind the investigative facts and figures, or perhaps in front of them.

I spent a lot of my college and younger years doing community outreach and education-based work. It has shaped how I interact and communicate with the world around me — it has made me recognize how necessary it is to listen and to understand that messages must be told in a variety of ways in order to reach minds and hearts. Words, pictures, videos, sound, movement, all of the above.

A Virginia girl who’s moved around a bit, I made my most recent trek this summer from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Charlottesville, VA to the rocky Saguaros and sizzling concrete sidewalks of downtown Phoenix, AZ. I graduated from Mr. Jefferson’s university (University of Virginia for all of you who aren’t caught up in the high-brow traditions of my alma mater) in May. And I decided to pursue my desires to become a multimedia storyteller by heading to journalism school at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School. And here I am.

Loves & passions: Salsa and other forms of dancing (salsa and chips as well), music — both performing and listening, the great outdoors, food, long conversations, books, the smell of rain on dry dirt, animals.


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